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Dave Seaman
(Renaissance / Global Unerground / Audio Therapy)

"One of Mexico's best DJ's and also a very nice guy!!"

Chris Fortier
(Fade Records / F Communication Recs)

“Jordi Riera is a tried and tested veteran of the Mexican dj and Promoter scene. He has been very successful for many years with his events in Guadalajara and across Mexico as a whole. I have worked constantly with Jordi for years in Guadalajara and other dates, and he provides the best to me as an artist while in Mexico, helping me by choosing the right gigs to take and right venues to play to build and maintain my profile there. He is well liked and an integral part of the Mexican dance music scene.”

John Graham aka Quivver
(Boz Boz Recs / Perfecto Recs / Baroque Recs / Hooj Choons)

“jordi is a great dj and has a real passion for music. he's also a very professional promoter, a nice guy to work with and i've always had good experiences and a lot of fun dj'ing at his shows.”

Manuel Iglesias aka Cookie
(Cookie Presenta / Mexico)

“My company produces events with the world’s most important dj’s all over Mexico and abroad. And without a doubt, Jordi is a man we all can rely on when serious work is to be done in Guadalajara. He is responsible, committed and in love with electronic music.”

(Hooj Choons / Global Underground / SAW / LMR)

"Jordi is both a great promoter and DJ, supporting and playing fresh and accessible music. He was a joy to deal with during the times I have played for him in Mexico. His passion for music both on and off the decks combined with a professional attitude make him one of my first choices to work with."

Chloe Harris
(Further Recs / Proton Radio / Mashtronic Recs)

"I have played with Jordi many times all over Mexico and he`s been a brilliant dj everytime. His years of experience have allowed him to play with some of the best djs in the world like Tiesto, Sander Kleinenberg, Lee Burridge, and even Green Velvet. He`s openminded to how he plays and if given the chance can play some fantastic deep house, funky house or full on techno. For me, he`s been a huge part in helping me tour in Mexico, playing in Guadalajara, Tampico, Zacatecas, and many more. He`s very easy to work with and has a great idea of fun. Jordi`s very up on his music and has been a supporter of the music scene in Mexico for 12 years."

Micah Lukasewich
(Global Underground / Ruhnsong / Silver Planet Recs)

"Jordi is like a brother to everyone he brings to mexico, ask anywhere and Jordi Riera is a name most dj's know and respect."

Mike Hiratzka
(Alternative Route / Lost Angeles Recs)

"Jordi is one of my favorite DJs to play with. He has great versatility, and always plays great music no matter what venue we're playing at!"

Tini Tun
(We Are Here Recs / Fade Records / Global Underground)

“I know Jordi Riera for a long time, he one my best friends. He is a very talented Dj and promoter. He has been around in the Mexico and Guadalajara scene since the beginning, promoting great events with excellent top djs from around the world. Playing everytime and delivering the goods of electronic underground music. Every time he books me he gets me great and fun gigs to play at, he always shows professionalism in his work. He is an excellent dj that will go far far away. “

Eelke Kleijn
(Global Underground Tours / Outside the Box Music)

“Jordi arranged my first tour through Mexico, I loved working together and had an amazing time visiting cities like Guadelajara and Zacatecas. It was also great fun to hang out and play together, one of the nicest promoters we have worked with!“

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